New additions! Fox and Rabbit Illustrations

New additions! Fox and Rabbit Illustrations

After a lot of hard work (and fun!) I'm happy to finally add 19 new fox and rabbit drawings to my collection of illustrations.  This is actually the first part of several new woodland scenes and animals I'll be working on this summer.  I previously drew a few fox and rabbit scenes, but felt they needed a bit of updating as my style progresses. 

I had a few goals I wanted to accomplish in drawing the fox and rabbit, and subsequent woodland animals.  First to create a pair of different animals that did outdoor activities including camping, fishing, and hiking.  In this case it's the fox and rabbit, the next set will be a brown bear and raccoon.  Secondly to use a varied and saturated color palette for this set, since a lot of my other illustrations tend to be on the not so saturated side. The result is a mix of oranges, teals, and aqua tones. With some olive mixed in.  And brown.  And grey. 

Here is a neato evolution of the color palette:

Orange and Aqua being complementary colors, this was the starting point.  With Olive for the landscape, and grey for the rabbit.

I added more earth tones, including a darker green and brown. 


The teal and seafoam green bridge the gap between the other colors, and are used as adding a bit of blue to the ground and sky in the full color illustrations. 

I also wanted to share some old fox drawings, to show the evolution along the way. 

Very Old (2015)


Old (2016)



I'm obsessed with the rabbit and fox roasting marshmallows, which I've done three times now:

Very Old, 2015 (and a squirrel, not rabbit)


Old, 2016




You can view the new collection here:

Fox and Rabbit Illustrations 2017



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